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A:  We are a small cat boarding facility. We have no veterinarian on site. We are open by appointment only, however, we will make every effort to accommodate any needs. Please text anytime or call any day.

Q: What are the Kitty Cat Hotel boarding Requirements?

  • All cats entering our boarding facility are required to have proof of vaccines before check-in and be verified with a certificate from a veterinarian. We reserve the right to refuse service due to behavior issues, sickness or disease. If fleas or ticks are noticed on your pet we will treat them with a product of our choice and the fee will be passed onto the owner of the pet.
  • For the protection of your pet and our boarding facility, we require a dose of flea control applied to your pet within the last 2 weeks before boarding.
  • Age requirement 12 weeks or older
  • All cats over 6 months must be spayed or neutered
  • Fiv/Fel tested within the last 2 years
  • Rabies current
  • Distemper current/parvo
  • Anything else your vet suggest for your individual cat while boarding
  • Your cat will be closely monitored however unforeseen accidents and diseases happen
  • These will be treated as deemed best by the boarding staff.
  • You as the owner, of the cat, assume full financial responsibility for any and or all expenses involved. Including vet visits if required.

Q: What is your Reservations Guarantee:

Please call to make reservations if you would like to secure a spot at Kitty Cat Hotel. (541) 515-6946 or (541) 520-3493

  • All reservations must be guaranteed with ½ of your boarding fees at the time of reservation. The remainder is due upon your return and picks up your pet.  No guarantee is made for the availability of a particular date unless a reservation is secured.
  • There is a $10.00 cancellation fee if cancellation is made prior to 48 hours before the reservation.  There is no refund if canceled less than 48 hours before cancellation.

Q: What is your Emergency Policy:

A:  When your pet stays with us we do require that you provide us with your name and contact information, and the name of someone who is local, in the event that you will be more than 100 miles away. If we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact, or you are unable to pick up your pet in case of an illness or emergency we will take your cat to your veterinarian if possible.   If your vet is not available we will use an on-call vet. All costs will be your responsibility.

Q: Hours of Drop Off & Pick Up

A:  We are not available for pick up or drop off on all major holidays. Please be aware that there is a 15-minute window for your pick up and delivery time.

Q: What are your Kitty Cat Hotel Amenities and Features:

  • All of our cat rooms include an indoor room, a cat bed, a toy, a litter box, cat water, and a food dish, fresh litter, and bedding as needed. And daily loving if the cat will allow it.
  • We discourage bringing any of the cat’s toys or bedding from home as diseases get passed this way. You may, however, bring an article of yours such as T’shirt so the cat will have your scent. We will try our best to return it however it may not always be possible.
  • Please bring your cat’s food clearly labeled with your cats’ first and last name on the container.

Q: What are your Rates?

  • Standard Room: $16.00 per night, 2 cats $26.00/night, max of 3 cats 
  • Large Room: $18 per night, 2 cats $26.00/night, 3 cats $35.00/night, Max of 3 cats 

Q: What is your extension Policy?

A: You may arrange extended stays subject to space availability.

  • Cats will be assumed abandoned if not picked up at agreed appointment time or arrangements have not been made before pick up time. We will make all efforts to contact you using the information you have left us. If you have not contacted us and made an arrangement and we cannot locate you. You will be liable for all costs involved in obtaining your cat a new home and boarding fees until that time. According to Oregon law any cat left after 14 days without payment, and communication, will be considered abandoned and rehomed at the owner’s expense. The owner will still be liable for the boarding fees until that time.
  • Pet abandonment is a Class B crime in the state of Oregon
  • Payment is expected in full when you pick up your cat. Failure to do so will require an interest rate of 2% on any unpaid balance per month until paid and any lawyer fees involved in pursuing payment will be the owner of the cat’s responsibility.

For more information please contact Kitty Cat Hotel via email or phone. Thank you.