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This place is amazing! My cat Java had board on an emergency bases, not only did they take her in but cages are very well done; Tons of natural light, places to hide and jump. She was nervous at first (like most cats) but photos they send me reassured me she was doing just fine. You won’t find a better place to leave your cat(s). And price most definitely can not be beat!
If you are looking for affordable boarding for your furry feline, this is the place to go. Each “suite” is impeccable and your cat will have the care they deserve. I highly recommend Kitty Cat Hotel.
It Is a beautiful, clean kitty hotel run by a knowledgeable couple.
Vincent Centeno 5star
My wife and I highly recommend Kitty Cat Hotel Eugene! We had to leave our cat in the hotel for two months because we were relocating and did not want to stress our cat while we searched for a permanent place to live. Kitty Cat Hotel Eugene was the perfect place for our cat. It is very clean and has plenty of natural light. The owners took great care of our little furry friend, Niño. The owners even took videos while they played with him. Our vet made a visit to check up on our Niño at the hotel and he said he would definitely recommend the hotel to his clients. On a Five-star rating, where 5 is the highest rating, I rate this place 10-stars.
Martha D. 5star

We went on vacation for a week and left our two cats to board at the Kitty Cat Hotel and the care was outstanding. Our cats hesitated to go into their carriers to come back home! I recommend this hotel to anyone needing to board their cat or cats hands down! We live on the Oregon coast where there is no facility like this available so if you live on the coast and need to board your cats contact Trish and she will take care of you.